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GDPR: Legal’s Role in Addressing Third-Party Processor Risks

Hosted by Thomson Reuters Legal Managed Services, Jordan Lawrence and the Association of Corporate Counsel

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Under GDPR Article 28, your company is responsible for all third-parties processing personal data on behalf of your company. Companies failing to comply can face unprecedented fines, penalties and litigation fees. Legal plays a vital role in vendor diligence, and you simply can’t afford to ignore the potential risks from vendors and third parties. Preparation is essential.

What steps should your company take now to proactively address vendor risks? How will this help you effectively meet your obligations under GDPR?

Experts from Thomson Reuters, Jordan Lawrence and the Association for Corporate Counsel will answer these questions and more during this webinar.

Join this live webinar session to learn how you can get ahead of vendor risk requirements for the GDPR.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why vendor diligence is critical under the GDPR
  • The role of the general counsel throughout the process
  • How to develop an effective vendor risk assessment process to demonstrate evidence of controls
  • Methods to ensure your vendor agreements are GDPR compliant

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