Become an Expert Ediscovery Paralegal (Or Close Enough!) Webinar

Hosted by Thomson Reuters Legal Managed Services

You’ve somehow become the designated ediscovery paralegal at your firm. That’s cool because you know what document families are and you’re running point on document productions even the ones at 7:00 p.m. every Friday, but you still have some questions. You wonder, could there be a better way to do things? Could I be more efficient in organizing all my production data? How about best practices on managing a document review? I understand the basics, but what’s next?

Attend this complimentary webinar to learn:

  • Proven tips and examples to better manage your next document review
  • Methods to improve data collection and be more efficient in organizing production data
  • Simple next steps to increase your knowledge in ediscovery and further expand your contribution to your organization
Our panel of certified ediscovery experts is eager to answer your burning ediscovery questions. We welcome your pre-submitted questions during the webinar registration process and hope to cover as many of them as possible during the webinar.



Shannalyn West
Senior Ediscovery Specialist at Thomson Reuters
Jane Yoon
Ediscovery Educator & Team Specialist at Thomson Reuters
Denise Yusuff
Ediscovery Educator at Thomson Reuters