Elevate your investigation with CLEAR for Law Enforcement

Combine CLEAR with valuable features to find unknown subject details

Having the right investigative tools can mean the difference between cases being solved or going cold. Designed for law enforcement, CLEAR brings together public records tools to build the most comprehensive investigative solution.

Thomson Reuters CLEAR now integrates valuable license plate recognition data from industry leader, Vigilant Solutions™. As a live gateway or LPR scans, Vigilant Solutions LPR delivers more than 6 billion commercial license plate records, with more than 150 million new plate scans added monthly. As the latest investigative solution to the CLEAR product line,

By combining CLEAR public records with Vigilant LPR data, in addition to other reliable content sets like the arrest gateway and customizable dashboard tools, you can be confident you have access to the most current data to find associations tied to time-stamped locations of vehicles, criminal history records, and most current address information.

Bringing the WHO of an investigation to light, CLEAR public records data helps identify simplify the most complex investigation through the intuitive, easy-to-use interface.