As more clients mandate e-billing, many law firms are using it as an opportunity to gain new efficiencies.
In this exclusive eBillingHub® report, discover the top five ways they're using e-billing data to their advantage.

What's in the report?

The ever-increasing speed and availability of data in the legal marketplace is fundamentally changing the way the industry operates, yet many law firms remain uncertain about how this information can be used to their firm's advantage. In this report, Thomson Reuters and the eBillingHub team have identified the five key metrics that should be at the heart of your firm's monitoring and evaluation initiatives.


What is eBillingHub?

The first tool to automate the e-billing process for law firms, eBillingHub is used by hundreds of law firms around the world and has processed more than 15 million invoices valued at over $500 billion. eBillingHub streamlines the e-billing process with an easy, online, and centralized solution that works for your entire firm. Connecting to your firm's time and billing system, eBillingHub's powerful pre-validation engine checks your invoices against your clients' billing guidelines to eliminate billing errors before they occur--and before they impact your bottom line.

How ebilling works
As opposed to taking our billing staff as long as an hour to manually develop a single bill, the process now takes a maximum of 15 minutes with eBillingHub.
— Lindsay Barthram (Stephenson Harwood)
We realized nothing on the market could improve e-billing efficiency as well as eBillingHub.
— Karen Frankwick (Sheppard, Mullin, Richtor & Hamilton LLP)
eBillingHub is a benefit to everyone involved in the billing process…
— Phyllis Quinlan (Torys LLP)