Religious Land Use Disputes; Latest Case Law Updates and Strategies for Avoiding and Defending Claims


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Recorded on January 17, 2018

Since its enactment in 2000, the Religious Land Use & Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) has changed the landscape of local zoning decisions and disputes involving religious exercise. Municipalities across the country have felt the force of the RLUIPA statute, as it is often raised as a sword to instill fear in local officials, many of whom believe that they are powerless to do anything but approve whatever the religious applicant proposes.

Join Practical Law and Robinson & Cole LLP for a free, 75-minute webinar providing insights, among other things, ways to regulate religious uses, even if it means going against a religious land use applicant’s wishes in some situations. The panelists will provide an overview of the different types of claims that arise under RLUIPA and the United States Constitution, discuss recent pertinent cases, and provide strategies for avoiding and defending against such claims.

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Hiram B. Carey III , Partner, Robinson & Cole LLP

John F.X. Peloso, Jr., Partner, Robinson & Cole LLP

Karla L. Chaffee, Associate, Robinson & Cole LLP

Evan J. Seeman, Counsel, Robinson & Cole LLP

Ian Williams, Senior Legal Editor, Practical Law Public Sector Service

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