On-Demand Webinar

Preparing your law firm for the future: Including your clients in succession conversations

Hosted by Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters invites you to listen to our final webinar in our 3-part series, highlighting the key factors in determining whether your Succession Plan is on the right path – including how to leverage your clients perspectives in the planning conversation.

You’ve made great progress toward your succession planning goals. You began by assessing your firm’s skills requirements. Then you evaluated individual lawyer’s skill sets and put development plans in place to strengthen them. Now it is time to hear from your clients, and their insights into the succession planning process.

  • Investigate the involvement of the client in their firm’s succession conversations:
  • Inside counsel retirement
  • Successor requirements
  • Timeline for transition
  • Explore the needs of the clients, from the clients
  • Participate in facilitated Q&A with current corporate clients


Natalie Runyon, Director & Head of Talent Platform, Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute

William Crosby, VP, Associate General Counsel, Interpublic Group (IPG)

Susan Garcia, Associate General Counsel, Thomson Reuters